I have a rather disorganized collection of pictures that I have linked to at various points in the past. I will collect links to those pictures here:

Misc. Photo Gallery – I keep a number of pictures here in the “gallery” which can be commented on etc. They don’t fit well into any collection and I upload individual new pictures here on occasion.

Misc. pictures from Reykjavík, Iceland, September 2006

Preikestolen hike, view over Lysefjorden, September 2006

Lysefjorden and Dalsnuten, August 2005

Hiking and Cave Exploration at Trollkjeften, the Mouth of the Troll

Changdeokgung Palace – July 2005

Various Harvard Pictures – Fall and Winter 2004-5

Kyoto – August 2004 (Posts: For postings during the Nara and Kyoto trips see Japan Making a Mess of its Dietary Habits, Tatami Mats and Escalators, and Japanese People Discovering Themselves)
Nara – July 2004

Misc. China – July 2004 – These pictures are a mixed bag including shots of the great wall, Summer palace in Beijing, the Forbidden City in Beijing, Qinghua University campus, Beijing university campus, Marco Polo Bridge, war of resistance museum, the PLA military museum, and Tian Tang.
Qingdao – July 2004 (Posts: China Trip: A 34 Hour Day)

My Neighborhood, Stavanger – May 2004 (Posts: During my time back in Stavanger I wrote about Nostalgia, and Barne TV)
Stavanger – May 2004 – Pictures from Norway’s independence day celebrations. Note the increasing ethnic diversity of my hometown.
Food in Stavanger, Norway – May 2004 (Posts: A Culinary Guide to My Existence)

Mie Prefecture – April 2004 (Posts: Bike Trip, Ninjas, Long Road)

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo – April 2004 (See this Post for more)

Older Pictures:

Chile – December 2001
Qinghua Baseball – 1999-2000
Japan and Malaysia – May 1998
Old Pictures of Norway
Princeton in Beijing – Summer 1997
“The Concessions” Ireland – Summer 1996

Also for reference:

2007 – Year in Review
2006 – Year in Review
2004 – Year in Review

Where am I (Now)

Using these Pictures:

As with all materials I post which are my own, these pictures are available under a Creative Commons license with attribution and share-alike clauses. You may use these pictures in any way compliant with that license.

5 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. Hi kid,
    Jeg har lige siddet og set paa dine billeder fra Stavanger.
    Her i Tokyo er det saa varmt, at det ikke er til at taenke klart. De sidste dage har jeg bare siddet og stoennet og kigget tomt ud i luften. Regntiden er erklaeret forbi i Tokyo og de kommende 2 maaneder bliver vejret ikke meget anderledes end det er nu: FOR VARMT!!!
    Dine billeder af den sene solnedgang og de lyse naetter gav et lille stik et sted inden i. Det er nok det jeg savner mest efter de sidste 5 aar i Tokyo. Lange lyse skandinaviske sommernaetter.

  2. Hei … jeg hadde bodd i Stavanger lenge siden … Det er en veldig fint by … Og jeg elsket dine bilder … Jeg bor i Norge ca. 2 år … og det er spennende å bo her … Har du vært i Brasil en gang? Jeg kommer fra Brasil og jeg har besøket Tokio and Beijinh i Kina også … Det var også en fantastisk reiser… Higgelig å chatte med deg … Klemmer …

  3. I spent a whole year as an exchange student in Kyoto Japan, and I have to say I probably wouldnt have survived if it werent for a cheap dinner of udon a few times a week! There is even one shop where you can eat for free if you do 30 minutes of washing the dishes after, but I cant say I was ever that poor! Anyway, I found a load more tasty looking ideas at this udon recipe site.

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