Warsailors Project in the Norwegian Press

My mother, Siri, made a trip to Norway recently to meet various WWII veterans from the Norwegian merchant marine and to attend some of their events as an honorary member. She has many friends and dedicated fans among their surviving members, thanks to her years of hard work creating the the best and most extensive online resource out there about them at her website Warsailors.com (Direct link to ship list here).

While Siri was back in the country a few Norwegian journalists picked up on her story and interviewed her about her online project which is inspired by her father (my grandfather) and his own exploits in the merchant marines during the war both at sea and as a prisoner in German POW camps in North Africa.

2465755Last week a four page article about her and her project in the most well known of the publications to pick up the story came out. The article can be found in the December 17 Christmas issue of the popular women’s magazine Allers (p50-53). and thus on the shelves of supermarkets around Norway. While my mother was more impressed with the quality of the research and writing in some of the other articles published in smaller magazines elsewhere, it is nice to get this historical issue, the often forgotten story of the thousands of sailors who were the logistical lifeline in the oceans of WWII, onto the pages of a well-read popular magazine. The article focuses mostly on my grandfather’s story and the “war sailors” (krigsseilere) but some mention of my mother’s online project and a link to her online archive is found in the first paragraph.

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4 thoughts on “Warsailors Project in the Norwegian Press”

  1. Hallo

    I know this WEB Site for years and i use it frequently.

    Siri is doing a great job

    With the help of this site, my personal database of shiping during WWII became better day by day

    Thank you Siri

    Axel van Eesbeeck

  2. I’m sure it is really rewarding for her to know that many people like you have found her online resource of use to you! Thanks for your support of her project!

  3. Your mother has done a great job. An English friend of mine told me about her project. I have found valuable information about my grand uncle and other members of our family.
    Bjorn Ingebrigtsen

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