A Psychological Test

While visiting Taiwan last week, Sayaka was asked to answer questions in a 心理テスト (A psychological test, a kind of mental game that is supposed to reveal something fundamental about one’s character) by one of her friends there. She was asked to name two 四字熟語 (A four character compound, usually a proverb etc.) that came to mind. After you answer, you are told that the first you name is your “view of life” (人生観) and the second that you name is your “view of love” (恋愛観).

Her answer to the first was a four character compound only used in Chinese (not in Japanese), 擦身而過 (to brush past, but not quite meet). This is apparently her view of life.

Her view of love was, how shall I put it? Just perfectly appropriate for the owner of the domain Securitygirl.net and my girlfriend:


The strong will devour the weak.
(Literally: Weak – Meat – Strong – Eat)

2 thoughts on “A Psychological Test”

  1. Nice work!

    The translations are really fun~~ I love it~

    BTW, Im a Chinese.

    “Weak – Meat – Strong – Eat” is a proverb thant everyone will be told since they get out of womb.

  2. 弱肉強食 always reminds me of that famous (probably apocryphal) story about the student who, asked to fill in the blanks in the four-letter compound “_肉_食”, answered “焼肉定食”. Kids today!

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