WarSailors and other history sites

My mother’s web site continues to grow in leaps and bounds. For those who don’t know, she has created a massive reference site for information about war sailors during World War II, merchant marine ships, convoys which handled supplies during the war, and especially the role of Norwegian ships. Her interest was sparked when she began looking into the story of my own grandfather, his life in the Norwegian merchant marine, and his life in German prison camps in North Africa. Check out her site at WarSailors.com and the massive section dedicated to information on the ships and convoys here.

There are a growing number of great history sites out there, many which allow you to explore entire communities and the primary records left by them. See this site on Jamestown and this more expansive site on Augusta County in Virginia for two examples.

3 thoughts on “WarSailors and other history sites”

  1. Hi,
    what is the status of the warsailors.com website? I was doing some “web research” for my NC wreckdiving site but ran into a dead end when trying to access this site.



  2. I cannot seem to access warsailors.com. Is it still up and going?


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