Back to everything

Sayaka just returned after visiting me in Tokyo for almost a month. The new year is here and I have lots of projects for this year. I’m going to try to be more skillful at balancing my time between them instead of my usual practice which is to attack them in bursts of enthusiastic effort…

On the software end, I’m continuing work on the OWLS project with a group of instructors in Columbia U’s language programs (primarily Chinese)

I’m also working on and off on my Fool’s Lexicon software, Flashcard Wizard software to get them both into OS X. Finally, I’m starting the background work on Open Introductions, a new project which I will be testing on my ChinaJapan site when it gets going.

On the research end I need to get back into lots of reading. This includes English books on theory and thought that I want to have behind me if I start a history phd program later, as well as Japanese works on modern history, Sino-Japanese relations, etc.