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Why I am For Obama – Lawrence Lessig

Stanford Law School professor and a key leader in the Creative Commons and the free culture movement has an absolutely amazing video summarizing in three clear and simple points why he is for Obama in this election. I couldn’t help nodding my head in agreement throughout. I have seen no better or closer articulation of […]

Barack Obama for President

2008 will bring the world its next US president and therefore its most powerful leader. The impact of the election will go well beyond the three hundred million who can influence the outcome of this national contest. I support the candidacy of Barack Obama, and his first major challenge is only a day away in […]

May Day and The Great American Boycott 2006

Tomorrow is May 1st, and the Great American Boycott 2006 (El Gran Paro Americano 2006). It is also being called “The day without an immigrant” (Un dia sin immigrante). I’ll being joining the citywide gathering at Boston Commons at 4pm tomorrow and I hope there will be a big showing from the immigrant community and […]

Henry Luce and The American Century

I have been looking at various conceptions of internationalism and especially world federalism in early postwar Japan and for background research, the history of similar movements worldwide. One article which popped up during the course of my reading was the famous February 1941 Life magazine editorial by publisher Henry Luce entitled “The American Century.” I […]

Minor Things of Note Down My host for my site had a crash and had no functional backups. They handled the whole thing with complete incompetence which I will be describing at major hosting forums to warn future customers. I’m going to be moving the site to another host where I am hosting Muninn and FrogInAWell along […]

Children, Marriage and Norwegian Politics

I have never looked closely at the Norwegian laws regarding things like adoption, maternal/paternal leave, and marriage. I repeat what I hear from friends, when other friends ask, but never really knew the details. Thanks to some colorful charts in yesterday’s Stavanger Aftenblad, I got a little bit of a better understanding, all of my […]

Politics in Downtown Stavanger

I came to the library this morning to pick up a book I had requested on the early postwar treason trials in Norway. The library building is housed along with the town’s movie theater, public art exhibition space, a children’s museum and a coffee shop in a well lit glass and steel complex known as […]

Gender Free Wonderland Japan

Sayaka posted about the recent statements made on gender in education made by Minister of Education Nakayama Nariaki. He is the same minister who last November was pleased to report that in this year’s history textbooks, “it is good that such terms as sex slaves of the Japanese Imperial Army and forced Asian labor were […]

First One Down

The first debate is over, and I’m sure the flurry of blog entries about this will begin across the net. On CNN, they were already talking about the “blogger” reaction within minutes of the closing statements. CNN has joined the party by making their Crossfire guys give minute by minute comments during the debate. See […]

Working them Stats

David Weinberger has blogged a Kerry camp poll analysis at Corante setting the expectations high for the Republican convention. It is really amusing to read in a cynical light, especially when read against the kinds of media analyses and use of statistics during the lead up to Democrats’ convention.