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Fool’s Flashcard Review

A long time ago, in the last millennium, I designed a flashcard application for Mac OS that implemented something I called interval study (known elsewhere as spaced repetition or the Leitner method). I sold and later gave away the software at a website I created for my software tinkering called the Fool’s Workshop. I used […]

Misc. News

I am back in the US for a few weeks. I’m writing this sitting in my favorite Butler library hangout in Columbia University, where I am visiting friends for a few days. C. W. Hayford has posted a wonderful collection of links at Asian History Carnival #18. One of the many things he noted is […]

The Prison Notebooks

Congraulations to Sayaka on finishing her comprehensive exams. Also, Sayaka has moved her weblog to a new location just as she is moving from her PhD program in Political Science at The George Washington University in Washington DC to her new History PhD program at New York’s Columbia University. The title of her new blog […] – The College Entrance Exam

The new Korea podcast SeoulGlow looks very promising. View the Youtube video below for a fascinating set of interviews of high school students preparing to take the college entrance exam, and view the spectacle of police rushing late students to the exams: The creator of this video podcast is Michael Hurt, who writes at one […]

Microsoft Book Search

Microsoft’s new book search site Live Search Books is, well, live. It doesn’t work in the Safari browser, but it works fine in Firefox. I have only played around with it a bit, but I can already say that for those interested in doing historical research, the new Microsoft book search offers two major advantages […]

Asian History Carnival #5

The 5th Asian History Carnival is now available for viewing over at the World History Blog. Thanks a lot to Miland for putting these links together! Are you interested in hosting a future Asian history carnival? Find out more about the carnival here and email jonathan[ at ] if you are interested.

The July Asian History Carnival

The next Asian History Carnival will be hosted at the World History Blog. It will be hosted on July 7th, so get your postings to Miland Brown before then, by emailing miland[at]usa2014[dot]com.

Timothy Burke on the Rentiers of Sovereignty

Timothy Burke is an excellent historian and writer whose postings always deserve a close reading. I recommend that everyone read some of his comments on sovereignty in his posting Rentiers of Sovereignty Angola is the kind of situation that made me think very differently about sovereignty, and about the kinds of politics, both conservative and […]

Delicious Tagrolls

I just found out (Via Antti’s posting on it) that you can imbed your tags easily into a webpage. Mine are below (Because it is shown via javascript they will not show up in the RSS feed for this posting) but are completely disorganized thanks to the hodgepodge of often irrational (or misspelled) categories. […]

May 5th – Asian History Carnival

Katrina Gulliver is going to be hosting the next Asian History carnival at her weblog Miscellany on May 5th, 2006. If you have read anything good related to Asian history since March 6th, please email her your nominations at hello [at] You can also submit nominations via this submission page. Read more about the […]