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Taiwan’s Vegetarian Buffets


I’m a huge fan of Korean food and I will sorely miss it. I’m generally not as fond of the many oily and fried foods commonly found throughout China and Taiwan. I’m a big fan, however, of the many vegetarian buffets I have been to in Taipei. For the price of $2-4 you get a plate full of vegetables, tofu, rice, and vegetable dishes, eggs, and soup. These light meals work great to balance a heavier meal.

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  1. Carleen | 2008.6.7 at 22:13 | Permalink

    Is that a rotten egg on that second platter? Veggies look scrumptious.

  2. Muninn | 2008.6.8 at 5:32 | Permalink

    Hey Carleen, the egg I think turns that color because it is boiled once and then boiled again in soup to give it some flavor. Quite good and common in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese dishes.

  3. Mom | 2008.6.8 at 5:48 | Permalink

    See Carleen? Told you – if Mitchy (of all people) is a fan of this, there’s got to be hope for Liam too!

  4. Sunkyoung | 2008.6.8 at 6:34 | Permalink

    That brown egg looks like the one boiled in an elvan (脈斑石) pot, we easily catch in 24-hour open saunas. Hey, I had a huge bowl of 옹심이 in Kangwondo on the weekend and we wished you joined us. I’ve confirmed once again that 옹심이 is a truly distinctive achievement of potato cooking.

  5. Muninn | 2008.6.8 at 8:50 | Permalink

    Hey Sunkyoung! I love that ongshimi as you know, I wish I could have joined for you it! The taste of the boiled eggs in the picture is very very similar to regular eggs. The dark brown eggs I have had in saunas in Korea and in convenience stores there are much more dry and have a distinctive different kind of taste that I’m not that fond of. Maybe they are made in a different way, I guess…