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An alternative title for this post might be, “Everything you didn’t understand your Korean friend say but were afraid to ask.” While browsing through the more useless features of my new EW-K3000 I found a section on Korean-English expressions in something called eBoyoung’s Dictionary of English Conversational Expressions. I also found more Konglish words on this site. I typed up a lot of these (I don’t think you can copyright a list of this nature) and listed them below for your perusal. Anyone who speaks Japanese will note that a lot of Konglish terms are also found in Japanese. I am particularly fond of the bizarre or humorous Konglish phrases ones like “overeat”,”walkers”, and “Let’s Dutch pay!” I’m sure there some great stories behind some of these phrases.



audio audio system
back connection
back music background music
ball pen ball-point pen
bridge bleach
concent outlet
diary schedule book
driver screwdriver
eye shopping window shopping
gagman comedian
golden time prime time
handle steering wheel
hand-phone cell phone
heading shoot header
hearing listening comprehension
Klaxon horn
Let’s Dutch pay! Let’s go Dutch!
manicure nail polish
massage facial
meeting blind date
morning call wake-up call
MT retreat
oil gas
old miss old maid
open car convertible
overeat vomit
remocon remote control
revival cover
rinse hair conditioner
salary man office worker
service free of charge
sign autograph
skin toner
sports dance ballroom dance
talent TV star
walker combat boots

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  1. DB | 2007.9.25 at 23:33 | Permalink

    Nice list! Yeah, you are right you can’t copyright a list of words but you can copyright whatever you use to distribute them (e.g. for merchandise like books or software, etc)

  2. Anri Stassen | 2007.9.26 at 23:39 | Permalink

    Excellent list. Have heard almost all of them and only bn in Korea for month now!! Love hand phone the most. Were in a restaurant in Seoul, there was a tissue holder with puppy and full grown dog on it, it had some sentence about love, and then below Dog and Dog, instead of puppy and dog – Hilarious.


  3. H | 2007.12.3 at 14:47 | Permalink

    I have a few more

    y-shirts (pronounced Y-sha-su) : a (dress) shirt
    vacance (pronounced ba-cang-su) : vacation, holiday
    panty (pronounced pen-ti) : knickers or y-fronts
    D/C : discount
    A/S : after-sales service
    terebi : TV
    apart : apartment
    cun-ning : cheating (in a test)
    punk : tire puncture
    sharp : mechanical/propelling pencil
    mising : sewing machine

  4. Peter Yun | 2010.9.2 at 0:44 | Permalink

    Hi there.
    I am currently teaching English in Korea and I need the whole list of the Konglish words. Where can I get the whole list of them ?

    Thanks for your time and trouble.